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Second Look: A Big Book on a Misunderstood Art

I often jokingly called YiQuan “the old martial artist’s pasture” because it seemed that only people who wanted minimal practice, yet expected super-human powers, ever ordered any related products. I have to admit that at this point I never really “got” YiQuan. Even though I’ve been in the field for a long time, this seemingly […]


One, Three and, of course, Two

These are the announcements we love to make: YiQuan practitioner Jan Diepersloot has not only reprinted the scarce Volume One in his Warriors of Stillness series, but look! He has now also published the long-awaited Volume 3: Masters of Perception. Diepersloot studied under Fong Ha, Han Xing Yuan, Yu Pen Xi, Cai Song Fang and […]


Stand By for Wujishi

UPDATE: It’s alive! Click HERE for book Within the next two weeks, Plum will once again have the book  Wujishi Breathing Exercises  back in stock. The original Hong Kong publisher let it go out of print. But we knew that this text was too important to lose, so Plum bought the copyright, re-scanned and re-set […]


Update: A Classic Moves to the Head of the Line:

Around here the plan is ‘change of plans.’ Here we were, peacefully finishing Plum’s new book and DVD on the Kung fu Staff, when some international negotiations placed the famous igong text, Wujishi Breathing Exercises,  in our hands. We decided to make its out-of-print period the shortest  in history. This famous qigong text, based on […]