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Paul Koh’s Butterfly Knives Flash!

Another great book just landed from Paul Koh: Southern Shaolin Tiger Claw Double (Butterfly) Knives. This beautifully presented text, with full-color, full-page photos, includes History and Origins, Fundamentals, Techniques, Maneuvers, a full routine developed for him by Master Tak Wah Eng, and a beautifully told story of a young man’s encounter with the knives. As […]


Devilishly Clever Training Devices

Tyler Rea, martial artist and graphic designer, has come out with a new book focusing on the building and usage of inexpensive, DIY training equipment. This newest effort presents many types of equipment, much of which you can build. Two of Rea’s teachers were Sifu Edmund Kwai and his brother-in-law Sifu Lee Bing Choi; a […]