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Randy’s Back and Plum Has Got Him

For many years, Plum has represented the entire line of Randy Williams DVDs. But over the last year, some titles became scarce or went out of print. Good news! We are once again stocked on the ever-effervescent Sifu Williams and his valuable commentary and instruction on Wing Chun. We have glowed over the years about […]


Randy Williams Complete in 28 Volumes (special sale!)

The prolific Randy Williams issued, over the years, a 28 volume set of DVDs that encompasses a detailed view of Wing Chun. With wit, intensity, and a thorough approach to his subject, he covers Wing Chun Basics, Training Methods Lop Sau and Chee Sau, Combat Drills and Techniques, Wooden Dummy training, PLUS the three hand […]


Randy Williams, Back in the House!

Turn in your toes, settle into your stance, and brush off the wooden dummy…Randy Williams is BACK at Plum! It has been a very long wait (too long, in our opinion) but we nagged and cajoled the publisher until…Randy Williams’s great DVD series is back in print and once again available at Plum (for those […]