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Adam Hsu’s Secret Files on Bagua Zhang

This, our third post on this new 2 Volume set of DVDs (6 dvds in all) on the art of Bagua, is to say that these outstanding DVDs are now available. If you want to read our earlier announcement, click here. If you would like to read more about the series, and to order, click […]


Nine Palaces Down Under

This wonderful photo and note arrived in our inbox from one of our favorite Australian correspondents: (the Plum method of water-container-holds-pole works…) “…like a charm!… as we speak i’m training, watching Ted’s vol. 1 (Bagua DVD) and fine tuning the first 3 palm changes….. paradise!… got the idea for the water bottle from the dvd…(and)…the […]


Learning Bagua Zhang book has arrived!

No, this is not a picture of our newest Water Style Kung Fu… This is a picture of us at the Santa Cruz wharf, after our lunch celebrating the arrival of our newest publication, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change. We actually took an afternoon off, watched the seals congregate and gambol in […]