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QA: The Benefit of Reeling Silk in Bagua

A little while back, we published a short video tutorial on Reeling Silk exercise in Bagua Zhang. We just received a nice comment on it from Lyn, plus a couple of questions… Q: Very interesting little video. The informal style of it made it easy to watch–& a disappointment when it ended! I always tend […]


Pa Kua Fundamentals, Circling Back to Plum

One of the most popular series of books on our “want” list Is Park Bok Nam’s 2 volume set, Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang. Both volumes have been out of print for several years. A while back, Plum reprinted the 2 disk set, and we are happy to announce that we now FINALLY have, back […]


QA: Does Size Matter (in a Bagua Circle?)

I’d love nothing more than to paint a circle on my nice concrete floor and would do so in a heartbeat, but I don’t own this home and therefore doing so is out of the question…