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Pa Kua Fundamentals, Circling Back to Plum

One of the most popular series of books on our “want” list Is Park Bok Nam’s 2 volume set, Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang. Both volumes have been out of print for several years. A while back, Plum reprinted the 2 disk set, and we are happy to announce that we now FINALLY have, back […]


How to Work the Dummy

It’s solid teak, something that your hand will not let you forget if it happens to meet the wooden body straight on. This reminds us that the first requirement in working with a dummy is that we not injure ourselves so badly that we have no choice but to stop working with the dummy. Also, […]


Plum’s Newest! Bagua Eight Animals Book & DVD

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member of our Plum family: The Eight Animals of Bagua Zhang, by Ted Mancuso. As mentioned in an earlier post, this initial seminar-only project circled ’round to become an expanded book and DVD package. Plum’s particular love for Bagua is not much of a secret; […]


Learning Bagua Zhang book has arrived!

No, this is not a picture of our newest Water Style Kung Fu… This is a picture of us at the Santa Cruz wharf, after our lunch celebrating the arrival of our newest publication, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change. We actually took an afternoon off, watched the seals congregate and gambol in […]