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Liang Zhen Pu, Together Again

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are in the process of republishing several out of print titles, and the first one has arrived: Liang Zhen Pu Eight Diagram Palm, by Li Zi Ming, compiled by Vince Black. This authoratative book was written by Li, the last living representative of the third generation […]


Bagua Zhang on the Inside: Tom Bisio’s Newest Book

Not that many years ago, there were hardly more than a couple of books in english on Bagua Zhang: texts by Robert Smith, Lee Ying Arn, maybe one or two others. 40 or more years later, the list is still relatively short, but a few names start to emerge as important and original contributors (as […]


New Views: Joanna Zorya and Zhu BaoZhen Bagua

Here are a couple of site-local videos we just put up. These are previews of our different products. With all the styles we show this make take a while… Some of Joanna Zorya’s work and the bagua of Zhu BaoZhen. Hope you like them.