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A Gathering Indeed

Friday, we drove south, over 350 miles to Monterey Park, in Los Angeles, in answer to Sifu Don Hamby’s invitation to attend his 3rd Annual Kung Fu Gathering of the Masters. Despite expectations based on decades of tournaments and events, we could not have anticipated what we encountered once the drumming started. Sifu Hamby, widely […]


Restocks of Rare Editions, North and South

You’ve proably seen our little “Want List” boxes throughout the site. And you may have also noticed that some of them stay in the “not available” state for months without being taken down. Are we really trying to torture people? No, it’s just that hope springs eternal. For instance here are two products we thought […]


Iron Skills

We’re fast coming up on 4000 products now and, in that time, we’ve accumulated 4 (count ’em, 4) books on the Iron Palm. So it’s an auspicious addition when we do add to this section. Dr. Dale Dugas has set himself the project of  de-emphasizing the miraculous…