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Three Fighting Stars: Xin Yi, Chang and Gong Li Quan

                All three of these new Chinese texts—on Xin Yi Liu He, the ancient Chang family style, and Five Ancestors boxing—demonstrate applications that give a good sense, in each case,  showing them as pragmatic and functional. The Gong Li Quan is one of the styles that comes under […]


Northern, Southern, Inside and Out

A few restocks for your reading pleasure–click images for more info Hung Kuen Fundamentals: Gung Gee Fook Fu (English/Chinese)This exceptional first volume of the Lam family Hung Kuen series is back in stock! We cannot say enough good things about this beautiful and comprehensive treatment on Hung Gar Fundamentals. We are so pleased to be […]


XinYi LiuHe

There is no other way to put it: there is always more happening at Plum than we have the time to talk about. And frankly, sometimes things just get away from us. For instance, this small series of DVDs on XinYi LiuHe. We added these a few months back and just realized we never announced […]