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Q&A: The Yoke Punch in Tan Tui: North and South

Q: I’d like to ask why is there a different alignment of the arms with the Yoke punch as demonstrated in the Tan Tui 12 Road and the 10 Road forms respectfully? In the 10 Road video Sifu gives specific details about the arm alignment (90° in one instance and 135°? In another instance… depending […]


The Other Side of Tradition

On the “Three Steps of Tan Tui” DVD When your tradition is so tight you can’t breathe, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks. There is a lot of tradition in the art of Kung Fu. Three thousand years of tightening tends to cause some gasping. Other big problems with tradition can make you […]


Something New from Adam Hsu

Really happy to announce that we are just finishing up contract arrangements to print three new DVD collections from Sifu Adam Hsu: on Xing Yi Quan, Jian Shu and 10 Road Tan Tui. In these collections (three-disc and four-disc sets, with english translation) Sifu Hsu provides intense and thorough instruction in each of the arts. […]