Some Shipping Details

Well, here’s some good news for a change!

After months and months we have incorporated a new system to REDUCE shipping costs. Most customers are saving AT LEAST 20-30% 30-50%!

For now (October, 2016), shipping estimates on the shopping cart page will show the same price, but we will CHARGE YOU LESS when the cost is less (90% of the time it will be less). This is one reason why we process every order manually; often, shipping is LESS than an automatic shipping charge would be.

Shipping times are taking an extra 7-14 days to arrive, but will get faster. Tracking information is still a bit clumsy (blame the post office) but it has improved since our original announcement. We expect the whole process to get both faster and simpler in the coming month. Please bear with us!

Keep an eye on the weblog for updates, as it gets smoother.