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Praying Mantis


The Bowman and the Tiger: excerpt

The following story is told in China: A hunter in ancient times was out on a moonlit night when he saw a tiger seated some ten meters away. Frightened, he tensed his bow and with all his intent he let loose his arrow, because if he did not kill the tiger fast, the tiger would […]


QA: Is there a Mantis out there…?

I have been a student of Kung fu, kenpo, and tai chi since 1988. I am looking for praying mantis of a type I was taught, supposedly Chinese by way of Hawaii. It is a very rolled up approach to mantis emphasizing entering the opponent’s guard, employing hooking and grasping. It also emphasized attacking or […]


Sifu Interview: Liu He Mantis and Practice

Linda Darrigo is a Sifu. But, more importantly, she is a long time student of Chinese Martial Arts with a highly invested background of time spent perfecting her art. For more than thirty years she has been practicing hard to develop a deep understanding of the art from the point of view of someone who […]