Sun Xikun’s Authentic Transmission of Baguazhang

Well, well, well. Here we were just praising Chen Faxing’s translation into English of The Subtlety of Xingyi Boxing, when he delivers to us another important translation.

Sun Xikun’s Authentic Transmission of Baguazhang, now translated into English, is another significant volume in the martial canon. His detailed insights into Baguazhang, along with Xingyiquan and Taijiquan (his earlier studies) provides practitioners with advanced level insights into how to practice.

As we continue to report, the type of material that is now being translated and reprinted has moved beyond the basic “step into a left bow and arrow stance and punch.” For those not reading Chinese (that is, the majority of martial artists) there is the great good fortune of receiving these texts for ‘the first time,’ as exciting as browsing the market bookstores in the 1930’s, when they first appeared. We are so happy to be part of making these available.

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