A Rare Weapon and Its Mates

Black Tiger Claw Tiger Fork Sifu Paul Koh has added a new volume to his series on Black Tiger Claw Kung Fu, this one on the Tiger Fork. Honestly, we’d be surprised to learn that there were even 3 other books in English on this uncommon weapon, and none that match the look of this one.

Although this new text offers a recently derived authentic hand form, demonstrated in dynamic full-color photos, what makes it even more special are the inclusions of several lengthy sections on the traditional mates for the Tiger Fork: Rattan Shield and Saber. The photos in two of these sections actually come from the archive, from a project that Sifu Koh started with his teacher, Sifu Tak Wah Eng, more than 20 years ago. These show a younger Koh and Eng demonstrating a two-person form. Then, the last section shows usage with these same tools.

The Tiger Fork, though no longer used to slay tigers (thank goodness), is a powerful teacher among the long weapons, with emphasis on balance and angle. Click the image to learn more about this book.

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