Tom Bisio’s Old Eight Palms of Master Wang Shi Tong

Tom Bisio's Old Eight Palms of Master Wang Shi Tong Bagua book

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What excitement! Books have arrived!

Tom Bisio has just published a new book on Master Wang Shi Tong’s Old Eight Palms of Bagua Zhang. Sifu Bisio, the only American disciple of Master Wang, details the forms, principles, training methods and many applications he learned directly from the Master himself.

Almost every style of Bagua Zhang has a version of Lao Ba Zhang, or “The Old Eight Palms,” and Master Wang’s version is  rooted in the skills of practicality and effectiveness. Each of the eight palm changes introduces a different energetic signature set of tactics, power dynamic and varied techniques.

As always, Sifu Bisio has done a remarkable job on this book, and adds yet another important work to the Bagua Zhang canon.

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