Tiger Claw’s Long Pole

Sifu Paul Koh’s tiger Claw Eight Diagram Longpole

Yet another excellent book from prolific writer and instructor Paul Koh, this one on the Tiger Claw Long Staff. Each of Sifu Koh’s books offer a step in the evolution and development of the Tiger Claw style he learned from Sifu Tak Wah Eng. Both have contributed a great deal to the modernizing and creation of a 21st century Kung Fu, without any loss of traditional principles.

The Tiger Claw Eight Diagram Longpole differs from other staff routines in its target precision. The book, as are all in this series, is colorfully vibrant and generous (a word we have used more than once for Sifu Koh’s volumes) in its offerings: a single person set, a matched set, lots of applications and, of course, basics and history.

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