The Shipping News

Some of you may have noticed that we have adjusted our shipping options a bit over the last few months. We wanted to try them out before announcing the changes, but we are confident that these are now working well.

Domestic Customers:
The post office has removed First Class as an alternative, replacing it with Ground Advantage. Orders using this option tend to move a little faster than media mail, a little slower than Priority, and the PO is keeping the rates reasonable (so far). The service seems to be working well.

International Customers:
Great news! We have been able to add Fedex as an option to most countries, at an astonishing discount to regular published rates (most are at least half off). We realize that Fedex is not always a favorable option (in a few countries, their customs and handling charges, once arrived, are ridiculous) but for most, Fedex will deliver our packages within a week’s time.

For those preferring our less expensive and regular tracked airmail, delivery is averaging about 12-20 days. We use a consolidator to also receive exceptional prices; the only downside is that it can take about one week to get the tracking number to you (even though the package is on its way).

Never hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

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