The Eagle Flies

Eagle Claw Kung FuWe have a stack of new material to present over the next few weeks, but wanted to get this one posted without waiting to catalogue others.

Sifu Benson Lee, senior student of Grandmaster Leung Shum in Eagle Claw Boxing, has released a stunning new volume specifically targeting Tactics and Applications for Self-Defense. Intended to highlight and preserve the training techniques of Eagle Claw, this oversized, profusely illustrated text is written for intermediate and advanced students (so, you beginners have something for which to train hard). What this means is that there is no dilution, no holding back, on the information generously given. Sifu Benson works through the forms to highlight the usage throughout, with drills, theory, Eagle Claw principles, and even weapons work.

A great and needed addition to the library of this fierce system.

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