The Dao of Shipping

Daoist writings (and I liberally paraphrase here) teach us that ‘Nature is not kind.’ This does not mean that Nature is unkind; more like Nature is not a Disney movie.

At Plum, we recognize a variation of this wisdom: ‘The post office is not kind.’ In all honesty, the vast majority of what we send to customers arrives in beautiful condition, mostly due to Linda’s shipping kung fu. If we awarded titles, she would be Grandmaster.

But, despite the care taken by our vendors, some boxes reach us in less-than-perfect shape, the bad news being that we end up with a pile of mildly and minorly dented, barely scrunched books. The good news is, we can discount these puppies and pass a little savings on to you.

Here is our current offering; Click the TITLE to read about the book, and click the IMAGE to add it directly to the shopping cart (you can add other items too!) You cannot order these from the regular pages; if you do, they will add them at full price. Except for the Xing Yi Quan Xue, we only have 1-3 copies of each. We’ll add more as we have time.

Xing Yi Quan Xue $24.95 $19.95

Chopper Knife $13.95 / $12.55

Complete BaJi Quan $51.95 discounted to $43.95