Safe In Santa Cruz

Hi all,
A lot of people have contacted us, after seeing Santa Cruz on the news this week. Thank you so much!

Just want to let you know that we are all ok here. Our house, and Plum are both a few blocks from the coast, and about a mile from the mountains where most of the flooding is occurring. The waves are high, and the sky is mostly grey with long stretches of rain. Last night, we had a mighty windstorm, something out of the ordinary for us. But, no trees or wires down in our neighborhood, and we’ve only lost power once, for about three hours, so not too bad.

Linda has a creek next to her house, which has almost topped the bank, but her house is high enough that, even if it did, the water would not reach it. Today she had to call out someone to come and remove a huge tree that had floated downstream and was damming the creek.

The cats, on the other hand, are bored, and really can’t wait for this to end!

We’re kind of sorry we cannot celebrate this rain more, since we need it so badly to relieve the annual drought.


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