Qigong Spring

Is it just us, or is there a deficit of spring in this year’s Spring?

Well, we’re hoping we can put a little more spring in its step (and yours, too).

This Spring, purchase our most popular qigong book, Blossoms in the Spring: A Perfect Method of Qigong, and get the 1 hour instructional DVD for only $1 more. Normally this package sells for $34.50, but for this limited time, it is only $16.25 — less than half price.

Blossoms in the Spring is written and demonstrated by Ted Mancuso, Plum’s director, with more than 50 years experience teaching martial arts and Qigong; and Narrye Caldwell, who not only teaches Taijiquan and Qigong, but also spent 25 years teaching Chinese medicine at Five Branches University. This collaboration creates instruction that is easy to follow, is clearly laid out, and has a solid basis in two of the Chinese healing arts.

And, hey, it’s a book produced by Plum, so it’s sure to be more than you would expect from anyone else!

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