Our Spring Cleaning Is Your Summer Enjoyment

Is it too late for Spring Cleaning? Hope not, since we expect this next batch of one-offs will take us deeply into Fall.

As we’ve said in the past, we end up with a LOT of material that, for whatever reason, we don’t add to our site. The number one reason is that these items are no longer available to order, hence, we’ve only got one or two to offer. 

So, here is the first batch of DVDs. We have ONLY one each, so once sold, it’s gone. We’ll do our best to update the post, but we may lag behind a little. Our apologies. Also, we will add other titles, so don’t despair.

Oh, by the way, prices are at least 25% discounted from regular price, and all are in Chinese with English subtitles.

Chen Style Lao Jia 4 disk set: $47.95 disc to $34.95

Chen Important Pts of Boxing 2 disk set: $27.95 disc to $20.95