New Books!

We’re starting up the engines again, and digging into the ever-growing pile of new material coming to Plum. We’re excited about these first three:

Paul Koh's Tiger Claw Eight Diagram Tiger Claw Fighting SetLee Kam Wing Seven Start Mantis Volume 7Adam Hsu Baji book









Sifu Paul Koh once again brings us a comprehensive book on Tiger Claw’s Eight Diagram Fighting SetThis new text, literally, takes it to the street, with an extensive section (over 100 pages) of applications and usage (done, not in the studio, but on the streets of New York). As always with Sifu Koh’s books, this one is beautifully presented and generous in its instruction. Click the image to learn more about the book, and to purchase.

We are delighted to represent Sifu Lee Kam Wing’s newest volume (#7) in his Traditional Seven Star Mantis series. Representing several routines in the system, the well-acknowledged Sifu Lee is compiling an almost encyclopedic collection from this large and popular style. Click the image to see more about the book, including its list of routines.

How many times have we been asked if Sifu Adam Hsu, acknowledged as one of the masters of Bajiquan, has a book on the subject. Well, now we can answer, “Yes!” This volume, Baji XinFa, is a collections of articles (all in Chinese) on both Bajiquan, and its sister style, Pigua Zhang. It also includes QR codes for videos of Sifu Hsu demonstrating the various forms. We only have a few of these at the moment, but hope to get more in the near future. Click image to learn more, read his intriguing Table of Contents, and to purchase.

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