My Jhong Law Horn: Douglas Opbroek’s New Book on a Different Branch of Mizong

Mizong Luohan (My Jhong Law Horn)A little while back, we received a new book to review, accompanied by a nice note from Sifu Douglas Opbroek, which read in part: “…As I have scrolled through your site and others over the years, I have yet to find a book or video on the combined system of the Yip family of Mizong Luohan (My Jhong Law Horn)…I just thought you might enjoy some insight into another branch of Mizong.”

And enjoy we did. Sifu Opbroek’s volume on the system is great! While it is not instructional, it gives great insight into the style itself — its nature, characteristics, even a song — along with its history and lineage, and interviews with its masters.

We are so happy that Sifu Opbroek has produced this beautifully designed labor of love, and we encourage you to take a look.

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