Masters Write — (I’m Looking At You)!

Martial Arts Notebook

You know how we tell you all the time to keep a martial notebook? How important that can be at every stage in your development? How happy you will be if you do?

No? Well, it’s ok to repeat oneself when the suggestion is this important, but even better when we have something to back it up: Masters: A Blank Book for your OWN Martial Writings.

And what a nice book it is: fine paper, photos on almost every page showing masters from many different styles; plenty of space to jot down your own secrets (or the secrets of your partner in that last sparring session); places for your observations of mantises, monkeys and bears.

We can just about guarantee that you will be the envy of all your classmates and colleagues, and when they ask, “Where did you get something that cool, you can say, “Plumpub, of course!”

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