A Feng Zhiqiang Hun Yuan Fest

Although we represent several books in Chinese on Sifu Feng Zhiqiang’s Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan, (there are a couple on this page) we are a bit scant on material concerning his style in English; most of it has gone out of print.

But we were able to source a few long-out-of-reach items, so we thought we would annouce them all at once.

The first is a book, Special Taoist Taiji Stick and Ruler Qigong, imparted by Feng Zhiqiang and compiled by his disciple, Wang Fengming. Presented in both Chinese and English, it offers a detailed instruction on all aspects of this ruler system, including photos, diagrams and charts.

The middle DVD is Wang Fengming’s instruction on the Hun Yuan #71 Taiji set. Although there is very little verbal instruction, each move of this advanced set is repeated several times, at different speeds, making it learnable to those with knowledge of the beginning sets in this system.

The last DVD is a return of a long-lost VCD (#227 in our original catalogue), the Hun Yuan #24 set with Push Hands, all performed and instructed by Sifu Feng himself. We have limited supply on all of these, and are not sure what will remain available, especially on the DVD by Sifu Feng himself.

Click the images or the links to learn more and to purchase.

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