Yiquan Seminar with Sifu Ken Cohen

We want to make sure that you all know about an upcoming 7 week online seminar on Yiquan, taught by the inestimable Sifu Ken Cohen. These classes, which can be viewed live through Zoom and/or downloaded after each session, will approach Yiquan as foundational to Qigong practice. Please read the catalogue description below, and click the link to find out even more (register by Sept 1 to get bonus material).

Yi Quan: Healing Movements & Dynamic Meditations
with Ken Cohen
7 Week Livestreamed Zoom Training, starting September 7, each 90 minute session downloadable & available to view anytime.

Although there are numerous styles of qigong, many people consider Yi Quan the best foundation, as it trains students in the skills on which Chinese healing and martial arts are based: posture, alignment, grounding, coordination, and relaxation. Like Taijiquan, Yi Quan is both a healing art and a vocabulary of martial arts skills. But unlike Taiji, it does not require learning a long and complex choreography. Rather, the founder of Yi Quan, Master Wang Xiangzhai, took a radical approach to healing, body energy management, and athletic training by asking a simple question: “What is the quickest and most direct way to help people realize their innate potential, without imposing a ‘system,’ a new form of conditioning that might limit awareness and expression?”
Precise instruction in Yi Quan Standing Meditation, 5 Methods of Yi Quan Walking Meditation,  Shi Li (Experimenting with Energy) based on the Turtle, Bear, and Tiger, and Yi Quan Visualizations for inner strength and spiritual development. Yi Quan is a complete system for well-being and to improve skill in the martial arts or any sport.
The course includes recorded downloads of the programs, access to a dedicated group FaceBook page, and various written, audio and video materials, including Ken’s original translations from Chinese works about the founder of Yi Quan. Registration: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/yqqcKC/a21677/

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