At Plum, we keep a wantlist for things that go out of stock, out of print, or just disappear into the ether. This is such a common occurrence with the traditional material that we represent, that despite our sincere collecting of customer lists, even we must admit that many books and dvds never return.

But when they do come back…

This is, by far, the largest collection of unavailable titles to reappear in our near-30-year history. We even acquired titles that we have never been able to sell. The return of these books has taken our breath away.

We’ll make it easy for you: below are the pictures. Just click each to see the book descriptions, and to purchase.

However, the first offering is in a class all its own: we have never had this book for sale, despite having a first edition copy in our own library.

Enjoy the feast! (more to come…)


Ark Yuey WongYes, oh yes!

Sifu Ark Yuey Wong’s early text containing a plethora of material, from early advertisements to his methods of Kung Fu, Qigong, and everything in-between.

This reprint of The Secret of Kung-Fu, originally printed in 1960, is of one of the great classics of Kung Fu (from 1960) had been languishing in a warehouse for who-knows-how-long, and Plum now has the remaining stack. Once gone…well, no promises, but it’s unlikely to come back. Click book to see more information and the incredible Table of Contents.