The Excitement That is Meihuaquan

Meihuaquan: Plum Blossom BoxingYou’ve probably noticed that we have a hard time containing our enthusiasm when we add special items to our catalogue. As many know, we hand-pick each title that we represent, so by the time we offer it to you we already have a good assessment. But face it: some books and DVDs are even MORE special than others, and this is one of them.

Meihuaquan: The Link Between Man and Heaven, by Enrico Storti, Luca Bizzi and Giuliano Furlini, is the first book in English to comprehensively cover all aspects of this fascinating system. Well-researched and -illustrated, it deals with the philosophy and secrets, as well as foot patterns and usage. It is a book for martial practitioners and scholars alike. 

We think this is a worthy addition to the canon.

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