Pak Mei Kung Fu: A Rare Find

Pak Mei Kung Fu White Eyebrow HB UnWell, how excited are we about this?

Today marks the return of Pak Mei Kung Fu White Eyebrow, a book so long gone that we cannot remember when we last had copies of this to sell. As a matter of fact, we may NEVER have had this collector’s item. All of HB Un’s books are out of print, but this one was reprinted several years ago, and we now have a limited stack to sell.

This little gem is a small book, written by Mr Un, showing his teacher, Master Cheung Lai Chun, demonstrating and instructing Nine Step Push, the first set of Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung Fu. The photos are accompanied by written instruction, in English, along with a generous introduction of Master Cheung’s history and many encounters with other teachers.

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