No One Is Perfect: Books That Go Bump In the Shipping

Honestly, considering the amount of shipping we do, both sending and receiving, it is remarkable how few bumped corners we have to report.

But things DO go wrong, every once in a while. Take, for instance, a recent order from Taiwan. A few lovelies received minor bruises, hardly anything to rise up over but still, not perfect. So, we take this opportunity to offer these at a reduced price. Don’t expect open gashes and missing teeth; more likely, a corner will have a little bend, a spine might have a small crush, a cover might puff out a little.

To order the hurt copy at the discounted price, click the image and it will add it to the shopping cart. If you want to read more about each book, click the ‘Read More’ link below each one (but you’ll have to return here to order and get the nice price)!

In most cases, we have only one copy each, but we’ll try to update when sold.

Classic Reprint: Chu Hsia Tien’s Boxing Annals $13.95 / $10.95 READ MORE

Ten Sword Manual: $15.95 / $12.95 READ MORE

SOLD OUT! Essence of Bagua: The Biography of Liu Yun Chiao $49.95 / $43.95 READ MORE

Complete BaJi Quan Introduction $51.95 / $43.95 READ MORE