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Well, we won’t be able to use our “Summer of Stars” cliche much longer, so we have a mixed bag of new titles today. There is still a short but powerful stack of books yet to catalogue, so keep a close watch for those.

Today’s batch mostly centers around Tai Chi, with a nod to Qigong and an swift punch from an unexpected contender, which will go first.

Most people do not know this, but one of the very first items Plum carried was a VHS from Master Ed Parker. It was an exclusive item shot at a seminar in our area (that we attended) and that one item gained us enough attention that we thought, “Hmmm…maybe there are other books and videos we could find that people might like.” Well, Plum is not at the end of its road, but today we are bringing back Ed Parker to our catalogue, in one of his earliest works, Secrets of Chinese Karate. This may seem an awkward fit to some, but click on the title and read what we have to say.

We have been pleased with the great reception of Andrew Townsend’s series on Taijiquan, so we have added two more to the catalogue, one on The Solo Form, and one on Taiji Weapons. Sifu Townsend takes a multi-style approach to his comprehensive books, discussing the overall principles of Taijiquan, in a compare and contrast way. Click the cover to see the 2 new titles.

Keeping with Taijiquan, we have brought in a previously unavailable title in the Combat Tai Chi series by Andrew Lum, Tai Chi Chuan Ultimate. Sifu Lum’s work was early in its use of usage for Tai Chi, and we are happy to add it to the series.

Finally, a curious text from Paul Crompton, in England. We had never seen Five Steps before, although we are well familiar with Sifu Crompton’s work. At first, we thought it might be too basic a text, but now we find it to be a little work of insight. See what you think of it yourselves.


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