Lee Kam Wing Praying Mantis Volume 2

Lee Kam Wing Seven Star Mantis Volume 6Today we add two new/old books to our catalog from the esteemed Sifu Lee Kam Wing.

Sifu Lee has created a compendium of Mantis forms and practice texts, covering the foundations and routines of Seven Star Praying Mantis. Some of the volumes are now out of print, but Plum has gained access to Volumes #2 and #6. Each is self-standing, and the richness of the material, combined with the full color layout, make these books valuable additions to any Mantis library. Also, for those who read or are practicing their Chinese language skills, these books have both Chinese characters and English translation.

By the way, click images to get more information, and to purchase, or CLICK HERE to see the Tables of Contents for each volume.


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