Jimmy Lee’s Poison Hand, and some Clean Staff Techniques from China

Continuing our Summer of Stars, we have two new offerings today.

Jimmy Lee's Poison Hand bookIf your jaw drops on this first one you are not alone: Plum’s was on the floor when this book came to us: Jimmy Lee’s classic on Iron and Poison Hand Training, Modern Kung-Fu Karate.” We have  been in business for almost 30 years, and this has never been available to us to sell. The first edition came out in 1957, and for those counting, there were not a whole lot of books available on Kung Fu in English at that time. This classic brings with it all the charm of those early writings (including Sifu Lee’s wonderful illustrations), not to mention the actual usable information which remains valuabAdvanced Staff Techniques in Kung Fule. Limited stock on these; the last of the pile.

And a kind of great little book on Staff Techniques. This one has also been out of our grasp, but we snagged a few copies, and can recommend it as a solid text, in English, to what is usually only offered in Chinese.

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