Hawk Splits Sky: Good News and Great Reviews

Good news!

Hawk Splits Sky: Jibengong Practice, Bagua Zhang Mastery is back in stock after selling out the first printing, and available to order.

 Good reviews!

In the shameless praise department, we are delighted to read what people have to say about our new book/DVD package. Here’s a new sampling:

It’s a masterpiece. I’m not sure Ted understands what a gift he has. To be able to write about such a technical subject, and make the reader feel like they’re reading poetry—that’s a rare gift.

I already have my favorite sentences: “The hidden or dark skills, like strategy and misdirection, stay as calm as ravens on an ancient tree.” And, “……Bagua Standing Practice begins with the added assumption that people are threaded like screws but have just forgotten that fact.”  

I mean, who else could write a Bagua manual that reads like an epic poem?

I’m both humbled and inspired.



I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying your latest work Hawk Splits Sky!
First off the layout images and graphics are some of the nicest work I have ever seen in a martial arts presentation. But more importantly the Gongs selected were described in such incredible detail and presented in a way that is sure to add to any style of Bagua practitioners skill sets. When you first described the project I thought immediately of standard bagua skills like, Pi, Tuo, Kan etc.. The way you have the book/video laid out really lets you see how married the basics are with advanced concepts and skills.
Thanks again for making such a great addition to the martial arts community.
By the way, the new jibengong book is amazing.


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