Gao Style Baguazhang

Gao Style Bagua Zhang

We have been receiving some exceptional Bagua material lately, so if you think we’ve been a little tilted toward the Bagua circle, you would be correct.

Bagua Rubbing Bagua linked Palms Compiled, at least of this writing, is the last for a while, but it is a mighty nice offering on which to pause. Lionbooks, which has always incorporated class and beauty in their martial arts offerings, has delivered another stunning book: a thorough compilation of material on the Cheng branch of Gao Style Bagua Zhang, in the tradition of Gao YiSheng (Gao YiZheng). This book delivers rare texts as well as current teachers, and there is something here for everyone interested in this lineage, which includes Liu FengCai as well.

If you want to read more about it, or order, click the image to take you to the page.


Northern Style Monkey Fist

A quick restock note: A good customer wrote to ask us about a long-gone book on Monkey Boxing, and we were able to find a few more copies for him. There are still three copies left. Click the picture to take you to it. It’s not likely to last long on our shelves.