Boxing Day Sale at Plum!

Here it is! Our Second Annual Boxing Day sale at Plum.

OK, we know Boxing Day does not refer to the boxing (拳, Quan) we practice as martial artists. But the name so perfectly lends itself to our purposes, that we borrow it to create a Boxing Day Sale (节礼日特卖, Jiélǐ rì tèmài) for martial artists. And, as it has become our custom, we will extend the sale into the New Year.

So! For all you Plumpub boxers (拳击手, Quánjí shǒu:)

15% off SITEWIDE, From Dec 26, 2022 – January 2, 2023. Coupon Code: QuanjiShou15

By the way, we had such a full year of new and returning books and videos, that we encourage you to review our weblog, Kaimen, before ordering.

If you haven’t checked recently, we have so much!

Sifu Ted Mancuso’s new book/DVD on BaguaZhang’s Jibengong (Practice to Mastery)
Sifu Paul Koh’s continuing series on Southern Shaolin Tiger Claw (with a special nod to the newest one on Wooden Man practice)
• TWO new titles from Andrea Falk, one a translation on Cha Chuan, the other a memoir of early training days in Beijing
• The first book in English (and, an excellent one) on Meihuaquan
• A new-to-us comprehensive series on Taijiquan from Andrew Townsend
• A jaw-dropping return of some books so long gone that we had (almost) given up on ever seeing them again
              (think Ark Yuey Long, H.B. Un, and Jimmy Lee, just to name a few)
• And there’s more, of course, including articles and video tutorials.

As always, we wish you great health during this season, and beyond.

Warmest wishes for the new year,
Ted, Debbie and Linda

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