A Mighty Book: 300 Years of Praying Mantis Boxing History

wong han fun praying mantis discourse of 100 years of praying mantisOnce upon a time, we were fortunate to represent an exceptional book: “A Discourse on the History of the Praying Mantis Boxing for the Last One Hundred Years,” written by Huang HanChao. Sadly, it sold out, with demand seriously exceeding supply.

But wait! Never say “Never” at Plum.  We have just received a gorgeous new book, “The True Biography of Mantis Boxing,” by Huang HanXun (Wong Han Fun) which not only includes the original text of Discourse, but adds another 240 pages to expand Mantis’s 300 year history back to Wang Lang, the presumed founder of this great style.

And what an expansion. This new volume adds more than 200 pages of photocopied original boxing manuals, many illustrated in full color, showing hand-painted illustrations of weapons and open-handed form postures. Its premise: the True Biography of Mantis deriving from Shaolin.

(At the moment, we have only 5 copies, but more are on order and we hope to have them within the next 2-3 weeks. In any case, click any of the images to read more about and order our newest treasure.)


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