Young Forest, Traditional Skill Northern Shaolin Vol. #2

Wing Lam on Northern Shaolin (Bak Sil Lum)Plum is experiencing a plentiful Spring this year, starting with the reappearance of Sifu Bow Sim Mark’s early works; then the masterful new edition on White Crane from GM Lee and Master Bernard; and now the long-awaited second volume of Shifu Wing Lam’s compendium on Northern Shaolin (Bak Sil Lum).

Although there is much here to gain for any traditional Chinese martial artist, Northern Shaolin practitioners in particular will be pleased to see discussions and names for the ten traditional hand sets, not to mention several weapons routines. There are also sections on techniques and methods not commonly known.

We applaud the influx into martial literature of the teacher sharing more personal insights and approaches. Youtube can deliver 10,000 performances, but the more intimate thoughts and details inherent in a lineage are still relatively absent. Books like these are welcome and needed.

To get a more comprehensive look into this book, CLICK HERE for the Table of Contents.


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