Who Doesn’t Love a Price Drop?

Prices are going up EVERYwhere. It is undeniable. So the chance to announce a price reduction brings us real pleasure, and when it is attached to a fine series of products, that makes it all the better.

Sifu Donald Hamby has dropped the prices on all of his Hung Gar DVDs to $29.95 each, which makes them an even better deal. These represent classic Hung Gar forms and fighting techniques, and are some of Plum’s more popular DVDs on the subject.

CLICK HERE to go to the DVD page.

We also learned (shhhh…!) that there may be another DVD in the wings, along with a new book. Can’t say any more right now, but we are looking forward.

And here is a brief recent interview with Sifu Hamby about his early training and entrance into the arts.

And, just a mention that FINALLY FINALLY we are expecting the new reprints of Tid Sin Kuen from Sifu Lam Chun Fai THIS WEEK! As many know, Sifu Lam is Sifu Hamby’s Hung Gar teacher.