Sifu Bow Sim Mark

I believe that I first saw Sifu Bow Sim Mark perform at Brendan Lai’s 1984 All Master’s Kung Fu Demonstration in San Francisco. Those were the pre-pre-youtube days and, other than pictures of her in the Kung Fu magazines, I had never seen her movement.

I—along with the friends who accompanied me that night to watch one incredible master after another—never forgot the feeling of seeing her on stage doing Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan, and a beautiful sword set: flower in her hair, elegant, powerful, spirited, martial.

When Plum started, her books were some of the few early entries in our catalogue but, as time wore on, they became more difficult to access. Now, we are so happy to announce that they are back in stock, along with many titles that we were never able to get (for instance: Broadsword, Dragon Fan, Combined Internal Chuan, and a terrific collection of Basic Wushu Exercises). These are the original first and second edition texts. Sifu Mark is generous with the number of her photos and most, although written in english, carry the Chinese characters for the names and instructions for the moves, as well as other parts of the text.

We hope to expand the collection if more become available, but for right now, check out the 8 titles we have just added. We have a very limited number of Rooting Pine Chi Kung books, but hope to get more in the future.


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