Last Chance

Plum has been in business for more than 25 years and, of course, with almost 4000 products we have amassed a cacophony of styles, teachers, and the occasional who-knows-what. While most items go through our cataloguing process, there are some (ok, several boxes worth) that for, whatever reason, never make it to the site. In most cases, these are either items that are no longer available, or stock is too maintain consistently; sometimes, they are quality items that just do not speak to us! In 99% of the cases, there is only one copy (or one set) and then they are gone. If interested, act quickly.

We will try to update this post by adding new stuff and subtracting sold items, as often as we can.


Longmen (Dragon Door) Style with Li Fa Jun (12 DVD set/10 boxes) CHINESE ONLY: Regular Price: $156.00 LAST CHANCE: $70.00
Taoist teacher and senior martial artist Li Fa Jun demonstrates an entire Taoist sub-system, encompassing Taiji Sword, numerous counting versions of Tai Chi, and two short sticks. This LongMen (Dragon Door) style has a strong internal consistency, exhibiting a verve long associated with WuDang. Instruction, although all in Chinese, is very clear, and Li Shifu pauses after each move, making it clean and easy to follow.

NOTE: We have, in addition to the set, an extra copy each of the two Short Stick DVDs. If you just want these two, Regular Price (for the two) $32, Last Chance Price (for the two): $16.

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Dragon Shaped Style Li Xin Hua (Eight DVD set) CHINESE ONLY: Regular Price $111.00, LAST CHANCE: $55.00
Over a period of decades we have seen many hybrid styles mixing a dash here and a drab there. In most cases they lean heavily on a major style, keeping the moves from overheating and boiling off into a mess. This style is an exception: sophisticated arm positions, twisting torso and a stance (or stances) that look poured, like a woman in a dream.
1. Dragon Tai Chi Straight Sword
2. Dragon Tai Chi Chuan and Dragon Shaped Ba Fa
3. Dragon Straight Sword, in greater depth
4. Dragon Cane
My particular favorite was the Bagua-evident cane form, where the empty hand and its weapon display mysteriously aligned motives. In our opinion, much to be learned from a few fast changes and a slow performance.

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