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Practical Qin Na Zhao Da YuanAdam Hsu's San Cai SwordAs promised, we have finally added the two latest great books to our catalogue: Adam Hsu’s San Cai Sword, and Zhao Da Yuan’s Practical Qin Na (translated by Tom Bisio).

A recent customer mentioned that it is not just the books themselves, but the types of books that Plum represents that excite him. We’re prejudiced, but the same kinds of things stir us and inspire us to (hopefully) add titles that really contribute to the Chinese martial canon. These two books are a perfect example.

The San Cai sword book is both beautiful and rich with important content: Hsi Shifu demonstrates the single and the partner routines, as well as usage, and it the perfect companion to his 4-DVD series on this weapon.

And the 3rd volume in the Practical Qin Na series goes deeper than any other book on the subject, including routines and weapons, elements not normally found in Qin Na texts.

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