Forthcoming, and Then Some

A brief pause in our cataloguing work to tell you about a few items coming up that would be here sooner if we didn’t keep pausing to tell you about them…well, you get the picture.

Adam Hsu San Cai SwordAnyway, a little while back we added a gorgeous new Chinese book from Sifu Adam Hsu on Tan Tui, this being the companion text to his remarkable DVD series of the same name. Well, through some diligent investigation, we were able to track down the much-requested companion to his DVD series on the San Cai Sword. Anyway, we’ll let you know when it is available on the site. Should be soon.Practical Qin Na

Another important title is Tom Bisio’s translation of Zhao Da Yuan third and final volume in the Practical Qin Na series. We are really excited about this one; just need a little more time to do it justice when posting it to the site. Also, should be a short wait.

And the project keeping us busiest right now is an oldie but goodie: Plum’s newest book/DVD package on Jibengong Practice in Bagua Zhang. Well, today we agreed to finalize the cover, so I can give you a peek. A little longer off than the above two books, but it is breath-on-the-neck close to being a finished project.

Of course, if you would like to be notified when these come, Click HERE (or, better yet, just check this page, or facebook, or Twitter for the announcement). And if you are just aching to order the first two before we formally announce, click HERE for San Cai Sword book, or HERE for Practical Qin Na Volume 3, which will directly add them to the shopping cart for immediate purchase.