First Reviews of Hawk Split Sky Have Landed

Our new book, Hawk Splits Sky: Jibengong Practice, Bagua Zhang Mastery, is selling well. This is always good news to us as both authors and publishers, but the truly great moment comes when the first few reviews come in. Here they are:

The Hawk splits the sky arrived this morning. I have to compliment both Sifu Ted and you for a wonderful book. Very well written, informative, well done instructions and then beautiful photography. The Learning Bagua Zhang book has been my starting out recommended Bagua book.  This new book will now be right beside it for any and all Bagua folks as well as any practitioner of martial arts.   

All right, I’m done gushing for the moment. I will start on the DVDs next. (You know that as a “book guy” I had to start with the book!).

My thanks to you and all the Plum folks.



Received the BOOK today! Only a brief session with it but I can assert that the layout and photography are magnificent. My only regret is that it is not in hardback as it certainly has the look and feel of a very special edition!

The text is intriguing and really had the feel of a private lesson with a very senior and highly articulate practitioner. The tone of the text is excellent. I can almost hear a voice of someone who is extremely qualified yet does not talk down to the students but gives them high quality instruction in hopes that they will work earnestly to absorb it and integrate it into their capabilities.



Just received my copy. Just flipped through the pages, it’s a beautifully done book. Nice paper and great photography.


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