Coming Soon!

We are in our typical state of “too much coming all at once,” so we thought we’d offer an appetizer of what to expect in the next few weeks. We’re already getting questions about a couple of these, so consider this your official update. And, of course, as soon as we post this, more will arrive…

Tid Sin Kuen

The official Plum printing of Sifu Lam Chun Fai’s exquisite book on Hung Gar’s Tid Sin Kuen (Iron Wire Fist) is finally on its way. We hope to see it in about one week, and will definitely announce it when it arrives.

Sifu Kent Howard has just released his newest book, “Introduction to Bagua Zhang,” with a companion DVD to follow, hopefully, in a couple of weeks. With any luck, we will have the book in our catalogue within the week, but if you want/need your copy now, just click here. Book is $18.95, discounted at Plum to $16.95. We’re just writing the review and description now, so stay tuned.

We will be adding two DVDs from Sifu Chan Hing-Fai, whose Jow Gar DVDs we have represented at Plum for a while. The two new ones are on Bonk Bo (Beng Bu) Praying Mantis, and the Wing Chun Dummy. More to say about these when we post them.

And, continuing in our ever-growing Chinese language library of important texts, we have a stack that is making its way through the Plum cataloguing process. Here are some of the tantalizing front covers:

Dai Style Xing Yi

White Crane

Li Hanzhang’s Martial Arts and Cross-body Training

Xin Yi Liu He

Baji Quan

Shaolin Acupuncture Points

Even MORE on the way, but we’ll keep that for the next post!

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