Xiantian Bagua Zhang: Gao Style Bagua Zhang Circle Form

C.S. Tang's Xiantian Bagua Zhang: Gao Style Cirlce FormThis may be one of the Bagua books you did not know you were waiting for.

C.S. Tang has produced another excellent and comprehensive text, this time on Gao Style Bagua Zhang. Tang Sifu, known and respected for his martial scholarship, has produced a large fine volume, inclusive of everything from origin stories to advanced training techniques.

As if that were not enough, Sifu Tang gives instruction on the little-known Circle Form from Gao Style Bagua Zhang.

Click the image to see much more about the book (and to purchase it at Plum’s delightfully discounted price) and click HERE to get a gander at the two-page Table of Contents.

A nice end-of-the-year gift to Bagua practitioners.

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