Three Clean Quarters

We have three new books for you, all in Chinese and well presented.

The first book, Wu Jin, starts us off with an historical and cultural text so old we have no knowledge of its author. Among unnumbered pages is presented authentic military strategy, along with close hand combat. This is a general’s text with battlefield formations, down to the blood soaked soil, and with illustrations that probably helped win the world in its time.

The next text on Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan adds another volume written by and photographed with the famous Ma Hong, one of the top Chen Tai Chi masters of the last and probably present century. This book is beautifully laid out; unfortunately we only have a couple of them, so it may go quickly.

Finally comes a text frone of Dong Haichuan’s disciples, Liu Fengchun. This book demonstrates postures and palm changes with great photos, apparently salvaged from the original edition.

Wu Jin (Book of Heraldry)

Ma Hong Chen Style Taijiquan

Liu Fengchun’s Bagua Palms