The Newest Great Items

Today’s diverse selection of new material available is really all about the classics: two DVDs of an older master presenting the rarely seen style of “Xin Boxing;” a completely redone and reimagined instructional DVD on Water Boxing (LiuHeBaFa) from Helen Liang, whose original work on the subject was one of the first; and the original Chinese text from Sifu Wang FengMing, student of Master Feng ZhiQiang, on the Bang (also known as the Special Taoist Stick and Ruler).

While it is true that material of this quality is becoming more ephemeral at this point—coming into print then going out of print with a sad regularity—we are always so pleased at Plum when we are able to find and offer it when it is actually available. Enjoy!

water boxing liuhebafa

Water Style (LiuHeBaFa) with Helen Liang

Tai Chi Ruler Bang

Taoist Stick and Ruler

Xin Fist 7th Routine

Xin Fist 4th Routine