Short Stick Superior: The Whip Stick

One of the questions readers most ask us is , “What short stick videos do you recommend?” People love the short sticks. We do actually represent quite a few on our site, and among the best is Sifu Jack Yan’s Whip Stick book/dvd combo. So we are always happy when our customers agree! Thanks to H.A. for his unsolicited review that arrived in our inbox today:

Jack Yan’s Whip Stick DVD

“I’ve learned some whip stick stuff before. Yan’s presentation is quite clear and has very useful reminders of things like basic drills to practice and their purpose in becoming fluent handling the weapon…during the routine instructional section, he reminds us of important details like prepping the hand position for the next move and seeing that as the end of the move, rather than seeing the point of impact part as the end.
Because of my previous instruction, I’m not worried about usage, which isn’t featured here. Still, the patient presentation is well worth the price to own!”